Cyber Risk Modeling & Analysis

Whilst cyber risk has gained the attention of the Board, cyber risk models remain elusive. The lack of accurate data, claim complexity and predictive modeling often ensures ineffective cyber risk management. As someone tasked with this responsibility you need to be able to turn to specialists who can make cyber risk models simple and obvious.


Cyber risk has gained the attention of the Board. However, there remains a misalignment of expectations and deliverables. The challenges arise from a lack of standardized language, inconsistent analysis techniques and immature risk modeling.

The communication is poor not because of a lack of intelligence or professional experience, but because rapid technology advancements have created a highly reactive firefighting foundation. Furthermore, attempts to generate proactive, forward-looking, risk discussions have been borne from noble intentions and experience, rather than from the time-consuming development of ontologies (models and language, science and mathematics).

The Services

CybeRisk has a wealth of experience in dealing with cyber risk modeling and analysis. We have a proven track record and extensive experience with cyber threat intelligence and offensive security and are perfectly positioned to build ontologies similar to those that exist in well-established areas of risk, for example credit risk or market risk. By using established risk methods, such as FAIR, ISO31000, OCTAVE, TARA, VERIS, NIST, etc. we are able to attack unique problems with the most appropriate solutions.

CybeRisk’s Cyber Risk Modeling and Analysis is tailored to suit your needs and may include:

  • Single-Scenario Deep Analysis
  • “Key” Cyber Risk Assessments.
  • Cyber Risk Register Development and Review.
  • Cyber Risk – Enterprise Risk Integration.
  • 3rd Party Risk Assessment.

Take the Next Step

A cyber breach can happen at any time. Determining whether your organization is prepared can happen in one of two ways: either in the course of a cyber breach or by conducting a War Games exercise. We encourage you to take the latter approach and schedule a conversation with us today by emailing

About CybeRisk

CybeRisk Security Solutions (“CybeRisk”), a Finjan Company (NASDAQ: FNJN), was founded to deliver global advanced Cyber Risk and Security Advisory Services. Through a team of elite consultants, who are based in Israel, the USA and UK, we assess your risk exposure, quantify it and empower you with appropriate mitigation strategies.

Our comprehensive array of advanced services combine leading methodologies from across the cyber security and cyber risk spectrum so that a single, multifaceted process for the remediation of cyber risk and the management of cyber security can be provided.

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