Red Team

An organization’s security posture is derived from its stamina to threat actors not security auditors. With attackers using a broad spectrum of tools and tactics to compromise corporations a new service has arisen – the Red Team.


Attackers use whatever they have at their disposal to break into an organization and reach their target. A Red Team mimics the mindset and practices of these external or internal attackers. They are goal based rather than scope based and they simulate a threat actor against an organization, not an attacker against an asset. A Red Team provides valuable and objective insight about the existence of vulnerabilities, as well as the usefulness of the defenses and mitigating controls currently in place or even those planned for future implementation.

A Red Team enables you to receive valuable information that cannot be obtained otherwise. For example, you gain a realistic view of how well your organization is prepared when faced with a capable attacker with unrelenting and unrestricted threat agents, but without risk or real damage. All of this while allowing for the mitigation of existing, yet unseen security issues in current systems. Finally, a Red Team can help you to bolster employee awareness of suspicious behavior, both online and offline.

The Red Team Exercise

CybeRisk’s Red Team is a goal-oriented, security assessment that helps stretch your thinking by providing a threat actor’s perspective against your attack surface and how it may expose your organization to a breach. After years of working for leading international enterprises, CybeRisk Red Team has gained a formidable reputation of success.

CybeRisk’s Red Team is tailored to suit your needs and includes the following:

  • Technical exploitation of your external online assets (external, web applications, etc.)
  • Social engineering against employees who may grant access to your organization’s assets.
  • Infiltrating internal networks (elevating privileges to gain internal or physical access).
  • Reporting and briefing to your desired audience/s.

Take the Next Step

A cyber breach can happen at any time. Determining whether your organization is prepared can happen in one of two ways: either in the course of a cyber breach or by conducting a War Games exercise. We encourage you to take the latter approach and schedule a conversation with us today by emailing

About CybeRisk

CybeRisk Security Solutions (“CybeRisk”), a Finjan Company (NASDAQ: FNJN), was founded to deliver global advanced Cyber Risk and Security Advisory Services. Through a team of elite consultants, who are based in Israel, the USA and UK, we assess your risk exposure, quantify it and empower you with appropriate mitigation strategies.

Our comprehensive array of advanced services combine leading methodologies from across the cyber security and cyber risk spectrum so that a single, multifaceted process for the remediation of cyber risk and the management of cyber security can be provided.

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