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Based in Israel, USA and the UK, our elite consultants will assess your risk exposure, quantify it and empower you with appropriate mitigation strategies. Our unique and focused offering perfectly positions us as the piece that interconnects the Server Room to the Board Room.

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An organization’s security posture is derived from its stamina to threat actors – not security auditors. With attackers using a broad spectrum of tools and tactics to compromise corporations, it has never been more important to stay one step ahead.

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Threat Search Engine

Have Credentials From Your Domain Been Leaked to the Web?

Attack and Penetration

  • Penetration Testing

    After assessing the vulnerabilites of your systems and networks, we simulate attacks from every possible angle. Learn More

  • Red Team

    Attackers use a broad spectrum of tools and tactics to compromise corporations; Red Teams follow suit. Learn More

  • Scada Segmentation

    Companies with critical infrastructure (Scada) have taken the approach to separate and isolate their real-time systems environment from the IT and corporate networks. Scada Segmentation is a search & exploit process that targets potential “cracks” in the gap between the two networks. Learn More

By bridging the gap between current cyber security and cyber risk practices, CybeRisk offers organizations an integrated cyber risk management process that aligns the processes of management, security and risk into one business-centric framework.

Response Team

  • Incident Response

    When cyber threats strike your organization, the risks are high and there is no time to waste. Our team will forensically preserve the incident data, analyze the evidence to determine the perpetrator and to figure out exactly what happened, and provide recommendations for the compromised systems.

  • Forensics Investigation

    An incident has occurred in the company. It could be an internal attack (related to an employee for example) or it could be an outside attack. Proper investigation and evidence collection, focused on forensically sound processes, is an absolute necessity.

Our advisory services enable our customers to accelerate the maturity of their cyber security posture and are intended to augment a company’s security and risk capabilities, not to replace it.

Advisory Services

  • War Games

    Cyber-attacks are similar to conventional attacks: dangerous, destructive, and difficult to overcome. Learn More

  • Cyber Resilience

    When faced with an attack, is your company prepared to respond to a significant crisis? Learn More

  • Business Continuity

    After experiencing an attack, will your company be able to continue operating as usual?

  • Security Architecture

    Is your network infrastructure secure enough to insulate you from attack and protect your critical data?

  • Board Advisory

    Boards of both public and private companies need to have an enterprise-wide cyber risk management plan, including a response team prepared to react to legal ramifications, Board actions, and a detailed communication plan for management. Learn More

  • Employee Awareness

    Do you have a program in place to keep your staff up to date on threats and best practices to avoid an attack?

Financial Services Clients

Liberty Bank
Halman Aldubi
Yelin Lapidot

Other Clients

Azrieli Group
Finjan Mobile
Topspin Security

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