Cyber Resilience


Insurance and risk management experts estimate that cyber-crime costs organizations $450 billion worldwide. The consensus among security experts is that it is less of a question if an attack is likely to occur, and more of a case of when it will. The challenge therefore, is to ensure organizations are prepared for an attack, and have the mechanisms and procedures in place to mitigate the chances of success and catastrophic damage. We call these mechanisms and procedures – Cyber Resilience.

CybeRisk Cyber Resilience Service Overview

It is rare these days to go a month without hearing about a high level cyber-attack. Whether it’s an attack on public services such as the Wannacry incident which almost brought the UK’s NHS to its knees, or an assault on corporations, such as Not-Petya, which compromised shipping company Maersk, leaked vast information at Equifax and Deloitte, and targeted several other high-profile companies besides.

The increasing inevitability of these attacks necessitates a new and very real understanding of the need for preliminary assessments. It is no longer enough for businesses to simply try and prevent a cyber-attack from happening. Instead companies must, do everything they can to prevent attacks of course, but also ensure, should the first line of defense fail, that the incursion will be just another day-to-day event that the organization faces and efficiently deals with, rather than one which causes widespread devastation.

Our Theory of Cyber Resilience

At its core, Cyber Resilience focuses on the target organization’s ability to cope with a successful cyber-attack. Once the source of the attack has been cut off, the emphasis then switches to mitigating any losses and quickly recovering from the incursion. Cyber Resilience is essential to ensure a continuation of business as usual with regards to all aspects of the infrastructure – including staff, investors, share value, customers, and more. Our Cyber Resilience methodology, developed in partnership with Einat Meyron (, is built around a framework of consulting hours focusing on factors including:

  • Mapping the entire range of possible threats and classifying them according to their potential impact to your organization.
  • Decision-making on necessary business questions – insurance (including cryptocurrency protection), internal procedures, reporting, and more.
  • Thorough knowledge of the relevant regulatory bodies, including procedures for working with them.
  • Planning and training with managers in crisis action and reaction. Extensive rehearsal of decision-making stages at all stages of implementation.
  • Preparation of a crisis toolkit which includes press release templates and emergency contacts.

When combined, these consultation points will coalesce to form a robust and executable strategy of Cyber Resilience. They ensure that, in the event of a major security breach, every level of your business’ infrastructure is fully versed and trained on the appropriate actions to take. Once your strategy has been executed, we continue to work with you, carrying out regular reviews of the Cyber Resilience procedure and making updates and alterations as the landscape of cyber security shifts. The threats made by would-be attackers are agile and fluid, and your solutions must be the same.

With Cyber Resilience in your security toolkit the inevitability of a cyber-attack will be a thought which fills you with resolve and determination, rather than fear.

Take the Next Step

A cyber breach can, and is likely to, happen at any time. Determining whether your organization is prepared can happen in one of two ways: either during the cyber breach itself or by employing CybeRisk to carry out a thorough assessment of your Cyber Resilience. We strongly encourage you to take the latter approach and schedule a conversation with us today by emailing

About CybeRisk

CybeRisk Security Solutions (“CybeRisk”), a Finjan Company (NASDAQ: FNJN), was founded in 2015 to deliver global advanced Cyber Risk and Security Advisory Services.

CybeRisk services range from strategy level down to highly technical and tactical consulting. Those services are backed by a suite of advanced Attack & Penetration, Defense Optimization, and diagnostic services to customers globally.

By bridging the gap between current cyber security and cyber risk practices, CybeRisk offers organizations an integrated cyber risk management process that aligns the processes of management, security and risk into one business-centric framework.

CybeRisk’s comprehensive array of advanced services combine leading methodologies from across the cyber security and cyber risk spectrum in order to offer our customers a single, multifaceted process for the remediation of cyber risk and the management of cyber security.

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