Penetration Testing

CybeRisk Penetration Testing and Security Assessment Services are designed to assess your current security goals and requirements as well as your current security posture.

In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, it is critical for an organization to understand their current security posture in order to protect critical infrastructures and data, as well as their brand reputation.  Technology is changing quickly, and new attack vectors and security challenges are added to the threat landscape every day – mobile, IoT and cloud-based systems just to name a few.  Simply put, you don’t exist in a static world and your organization must take the offensive by building a strong and comprehensive security solution to stay one step ahead.

CybeRisk security experts begin by conducting a detailed review of your organization’s security goals and requirements. We take this information and develop an attack plan to penetrate your IT infrastructure from both the interior and perimeter. 

To simulate an actual attack, CybeRisk will attempt to penetrate all your networks, applying many methodologies to attack from every angle. 

  • We will conduct external attacks by targeting perimeter devices
  • We will attack your Corporate environment by targeting your internal networks
  • We will also attack your main facing websites

This is all done in a safe and controlled manner, simulating the activities of typical bad actors.

We then analyze the discovered vulnerabilities, remove any false positives and determine which critical assets and data are exposed.  We provide a snapshot of how well your cyber security architecture has been designed and implemented and how well it is working.  We provide a detailed assessment of your IT infrastructure including:

  • wired and wireless networks
  • security devices
  • servers
  • desktop and laptop computers
  • mobile devices
  • web applications

To complete the analysis, we compare all vulnerabilities discovered within your networks with industry-best cyber security practices and proprietary intelligence from CybeRisk. The prioritized and actionable results of our testing are then delivered to your organization in a formal and extensive report. 

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Building a robust security defense program requires a clear understanding of the current vulnerability state of your infrastructure, applications, systems, and network-connected devices. By taking a comprehensive approach to assessing the current state of your security infrastructure, these services provide your organization with the information it needs to understand and improve its security posture. Through this process your organization can improve risk management and help satisfy compliance obligations by reducing threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business processes and data.

Here are just a few of the benefits that CybeRisk Penetration Testing can provide to your organization:

  • Test your current IT infrastructure security posture to prevent malicious actors from penetrating or disrupting service
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized or accidental access to your organization’s networks and critical data
  • Proactively identify security vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your organization
  • Identify risk posed to critical networks and assets
  • Prevent future attacks
  • Prioritize resources to address vulnerabilities based on business risk
  • Improve compliance with regulatory obligations that require security assessments

Deeper Dive – CybeRisk Penetration Testing and Posture Assessment Services Provide Flexibility for Your Unique Requirements

CybeRisk’s Penetration Testing service can be customized and delivered based on your specific business objectives. Here are the four main areas this service covers:

Internal Security Posture Analysis and Assessment

Security incidents from external sources often get more attention, but you cannot afford to overlook the threat from internal, trusted sources within your own organization. This part of our assessment service focuses on potential or existing vulnerabilities in your internal network.  This testing is conducted from within your trusted network.  Detailed procedures are customized based on your particular infrastructure and environment.

Perimeter Security Posture Analysis and Assessment

This part of our assessment service identifies the security risk’s you face from the outside and are usually associated with the Internet, your business partners and customer and remote worker connectivity and services. We try to identify vulnerabilities that allow inappropriate external access to your internal IT infrastructure.

Wireless Security Posture Analysis and Assessment

In this day and age, it is likely that 802.11 wireless technology and services are a critical component of your IT infrastructure.  And if it is, wireless must be fully integrated into your security framework and provide the same level of privacy and protection as your wired infrastructure.  Wireless networks can be one of the easiest ways for unauthorized users to access critical systems and data. Our service helps you identify points of exposure, including unauthorized access points, weak access control, and wireless data leakage vectors, inside and outside of your physical facilities.

Physical Security Posture Analysis and Assessment

In a nutshell, you must control physical access to your network infrastructure to protect your organization and its critical data. Bad actors must never be able to gain unauthorized physical access to your facility.  Security is compromised if intruders can gain access to physical devices where they can install network “back doors,” keystroke loggers, rogue access points or remove sensitive data. Our assessment service will attempt to gain unauthorized access to your locations.

CybeRisk Penetration Testing Service Summary

Here is a breakdown of what Cyberisk will do for your organization:

  • Identify your organization’s business-critical networks and assets
  • Emulate typical malicious activities through nondestructive means to confirm the presence of vulnerabilities and the level of unauthorized access that they can expose
  • Identify and quantify cyber security risks
  • Provide a security posture assessment report containing a detailed analysis of simulated attacks to identify critical vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize recommendations and remediation efforts to management

Take the Next Step

A cyber breach can happen at any time. Determining whether your organization is prepared can happen in one of two ways: either in the course of a cyber breach or by conducting Penetration Testing. We encourage you to take the latter approach and schedule a conversation with us today by emailing

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